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Chiropractor in Scottdale, Arizona

Thank you very much to all of our wonderful patients. Our clinic is truly blessed to have such an amazing patient family. It is an honor to serve you with the art, gift, and quality health care that is chiropractic.

 ~ Heart & Soul Family Chiropractic

I was introduced to Dr. Patrice years ago by my personal trainer at the time and wish I had started treatment then. I have been dealing with a number of physical issues - knee condition, foot pain, shoulder pain, back pain and eye issues including recurring styes, etc. After going to see various podiatrists, acupuncturists, eye doctors, etc. I decided to try chiropractic care as I figured there was something connecting all or most of my issues. I wanted someone who was holistic and wanted to treat the whole person.

I remembered Dr. Patrice and signed up for a free consultation and decided to go through with the initial exam. I found out that I have moderate scoliosis as well as one hip higher than the other causing a leg length discrepancy. I have subluxations (vertebra out-of-alignment) in areas of the spine clearly connected to the areas I have struggled with over the years. Dr. Patrice's plan for helping me deal with the various issues by treating the subluxations has made a lot of sense from the start and I have great confidence in the care I am receiving from him.

As a mental health therapist, treating the whole body mentally and physically feels important to me and Dr. Patrice's knowledge, passion for what he does, and caring for the health of all is so apparent every time you meet with him. Dr. Patrice is an excellent coach and partner in your health and treatment and shares knowledge and encouragement at every appointment.

Since starting treatment a month ago, I have seen a marked improvement in all areas. I am walking again with much less pain, my back issue has all but cleared up, my shoulders are improved, the one stye I started to get healed on it's own quickly for the first time, and I am working on healthier habits to support my healing journey. Thank you Dr. Patrice for all of your help and knowledge!

If you are struggling with any physical or medical health issues they are likely related in somewhat to the central nervous system of which chiropractic treatment is designed to help treat and correct. Do not hesitate to give it a try, your body and mind will thank you later!

Nicole Acker 

Mesa, Arizona

"Before I met Dr. Patrice I suffered for years with headaches, sinus infections, allergies, ear issues, acid reflux and anxiety that were only getting worse over time. My normally happy and active lifestyle came to a screeching halt as symptoms progressed. Thankfully, a family member recommended seeing a chiropractor and after doing some research and reading wonderful, life-changing reviews about Dr. Patrice and his care I decided to give it a shot.

Since starting chiropractic care my symptoms have decreased and my quality of life has significantly increased and I am still in the beginnings of my care. I am healing in all areas and I am able to be active and enjoy my life like I once did.

I would also recommend getting chiropractic care proactively to avoid the many symptoms that having a subluxation may cause before they get out of hand. I highly recommend Dr. Patrice and chiropractic care to everyone. Truly a wonderful, educational and healing experience! Thank you Dr. Patrice!" ~Katie Lavin

"Over many years I have had intermittent Chiropractic care, usually centered around neck pain then. About 5 years ago, I stupidly carried one end of my daughter’s piano out of her house during a move and 3 days later suffered the most severe pain I have ever experienced. The pain centered around my lower back and had me completely incapacitated for several days. Since that time I had regular visits to a chiropractor but felt that they were only treating the pain without fully exploring the cause.
I viewed a YouTube video by a Dr in California whom I have come to respect and he recommended finding a "Corrective Chiropractor", and he said that a good Dr would take initial x-rays to diagnose the problem and set a 'baseline' for care.

I searched the internet for a Corrective Chiropractor. Dr Patrice Lavoie is the only one who came up in the Phoenix Metro area. At my initial consultation with Dr Lavoie, he set up x-rays for me and then because the imaging center didn't take them correctly, Dr Lavoie made them re-take them at no cost. The x-rays indicated that I have one leg 3/4" shorter than the other (who knew?). With Dr Lavoie's help, we altered my footwear (I have 4 pair of western boots that I wear almost exclusively, even to Church) and now am getting more accustomed to "walking straight". I tell my wife now we know why I've been walking in circles all these years. Dr Lavoie also determined that I have pretty significant 'forward head posture' along with a developing hump in my upper spine.

I've been seeing Dr Lavoie for 2 months now and my pain in my back, neck, hips and knees is down to zero most of the time. What a huge difference!

I feel better overall than I have in about 20 years and have more optimism and hope for my future than before. I've been a chiropractic patient for many years but feel like I've finally found "the real deal". I have a thriving business with 23 full time employees and Dr Lavoie's office is a 55 minute drive from my place. The time required to keep all my appointments is considerable but I am convinced it is worth it.

Thank you Dr Lavoie for your service and for your commitment to ongoing education and excellence in Chiropractic care!"

Chet Wilkins

San Tan Valley, AZ

Dr Patrice has changed my spine and my life!! There are many chiropractors out there (I have been getting adjustments for over 25 years), but Dr Patrice takes a more holistic & educational approach that makes so much sense. I've been seeing Dr Patrice for over 5 years now and the results, through annual x-rays, were miraculous & proof that I was in good hands.  

I highly recommend Dr Patrice and I plan on getting regular adjustments into my 80's or 90's!!!


Scottsdale AZ

Scottsdale Chiropractic
Scottsdale Chiropractic

So we highly recommend Dr. Patrice. He runs his practice with his heart and soul. He has helped just about everyone in our family from migraine headaches to lower back pain after golfing. 

If you are looking for a truly amazing person and a tremendous chiropractor look no further: this is your doctor. 

Thanks for everything Dr. P! Now that my back is better, can you help me with my chipping around the greens?


Scottsdale AZ

We are blessed to have encountered Dr. Patrice! He has helped our family in so many ways and truly cares about his clients and their ability to live a full life. He has helped me personally with all my issues but most amazingly helped our middle daughter who suffered from chronic migraines that would incapacitate her and hold her back from living life. I would highly recommend him to anyone!


Scottsdale AZ

Scottsdale Chiropractic
Scottsdale Chiropractic

Before I began care with Dr Lavoie, I was suffering from lower back pain (could not walk 18 holes of golf), high cholesterol (above 240, in the dangerously high category), and I had sinus headaches that were costing me 15-20 work days a year and a lot of misery.

Now, fifteen years later, at age 68, I am not bothered by these issues anymore: I walk 4 miles every day without any problem whatsoever, my cholesterol level is now in the desirable category without taking any drugs for it (180-185) and I no longer have to spend whole days and nights in a dark room with the shades down, with my eyes closed because of those sinus infections. 

In fact, I am healthier now than I ever was in my late 30’s, 40’s or early 50’s and I look forward to the future, confident that I will have the capacity to do all the things I really want do in life.

Quite frankly, Dr Lavoie gave me my life back! I highly recommend his services and his unique overall philosophy toward living a healthy life.



Tucson, Arizona

"I do believe that Dr. Patrice has changed my life. When I first started seeing him, my blood pressure was hovering around 200.  Now 5 years later, it has dropped to 125 without taking any medication whatsoever. I feel great. My spine issues have gone away. I walk every day and hike every week. I have never missed an adjustment in 5 years."


Scottsdale Arizona

Scottsdale Chiropractic

Having been a patient of chiropractic for many years, I was so lucky to have found Dr. Lavoie when I moved to Scottsdale two years ago. He has helped immeasurably in my recovery from a major critical health issue. His expertise has been a major reason for me to regain my vitality and I recommend him without hesitation.

Scottsdale AZ

"When I first found Dr. Patrice I had the worst migraines. He started doing adjustments and helping me with my bad habits and now I am truly a whole new person. I don’t know what I would have done without him. Now I know that I will be healthy for my future. I recommend him for anyone who is experiencing anything in life. He has an amazing outlook on life as well and is an amazing person."

Emily Kapanicas

Scottsdale Arizona

Scottsdale Chiropractor
Scottsdale Chiropractor

Before visiting Heart & Soul I had low energy, sinus issues and just overall felt blah. I was searching for an answer when I discovered a testimonial from a client of Dr Lavoie. If the body is not aligned properly, it creates subluxation, which creates a whole multitude of issues. Dr Lavoie has such passion and purpose built around his services. He’s not your ordinary Chiropractor.

He looks at your nutrition, offers actionable steps you can do on your own to help improve your daily health. Results: I have more energy to play with the kids, my sinus issues have cleared tremendously. The kids have noticed a change in my attitude.

I had visited chiropractors in the past. What is different about Dr Lavoie? He wants to better understand your passion and purpose, to bring hopefulness as you change lots of tiny habits that got you to this place. It’s refreshing to partner with a health professional who sees the bigger picture and guides you to a better life.

Be an advocate for your health and book an appointment with Dr Lavoie. It’s life changing. 


Stephanie Pletka

Scottsdale AZ

I was invited by my niece to attend a short free health seminar given by Dr Patrice in his office. He explained how overall health is affected by your spinal column and cord. I was intrigued as I felt had no real symptoms. I signed up for an introductory health assessment as I wanted to be sure I didn’t have any hidden issues that would affect my health later in life as I am getting close to retirement. I have a couple friends who suffered severe back issues out of the blue and I did not want to be dependent on anyone for assistance. I got an X-Ray and Dr Patrice reviewed the films with me and explained problems that he could address before they became bigger problems. I was somewhat surprised by the results, but suspected there might be issues as I have had a couple somewhat major car accidents.

Since seeing Dr Patrice, I did notice that I can now turn my head fully to the right and left. I hadn’t really noticed before that I was only partially turning my head. This made a big difference, especially while driving. My strength and body movement appear to be improved as well.

As a previous skeptic concerning Chiropractic care, I highly recommend seeing Dr Patrice for any ailments or attending one of Dr Patrice’s Health seminars. It was very informative and surprising at the number of health issues that Chiropractic care can help resolve. I have seen other Chiropractors in the past, but have not felt the confidence that Dr Patrice exudes. He does not only care for your physical issues, but also promotes health education.

Mimi Dolan
Scottsdale AZ

Juanita Bunch

Oak Harbor, WA

Vance Acker
Mesa, AZ

I started seeing Dr. Patrice after I saw the great results my husband was getting from his back pain, after starting his treatment plan. I learned that subluxations can cause all types of medical problems as well. I was having high blood pressure, in ranges of 190's/90's and also had recently experienced 2 months of intermittent dizziness. I scheduled an evaluation. x-rays and started my treatments. I'm now in week 5 and my blood pressure has dropped 20 points and is consistently in the 170's/80's. In fact, I have had a few readings that are 140's/70's which makes me very happy.

Dr. Patrice is very professional, experienced and knowledgeable. He works with you to set attainable goals to reach your maximum health potential. You don't have to be in pain before seeing a Chiropractor. I wasn't painful at all. Subluxation can effect any
organ or system in your body, so get checked.

Karen Sturgill-Fuentes

Phoenix AZ

"I was having pain and pressure in my mid-back area. Also a lot of stiffness. I tried having massages to "loosen things up," but while feeling good in the moment, it didn't last. After several months of this, my wife recommended going to see a Chiropractor, someone she had know of in Quebec to see if he could help. She made the call to Dr. Patrice and he immediately made time to see me. After an assessment and x-rays, he determined that he would be able to help me. My treatment is not yet finished, but I am already able to take the dog on short walks and I have returned back to the gym to start some exercises. Before, I couldn't even think about doing those things. The pain, pressure and stiffness is no longer an issue. I would recommend people see Dr. Patrice for an evaluation. He is sincere and passionate about what Chiropractic can do for you. Don't assume that aches, pains and stiffness is a normal part of aging. It doesn't have to be."
Alex Fuentes
Phoenix, AZ

Chris Long
Scottsdale, AZ

Sergio Torres

Laveen, AZ

"I've had bad back pain for over 20 years now. I'm about 6 weeks into correctional chiropractic care with Dr. Patrice Lavoie and his expertise and professionalism is amazing. 
I've been to different pain centers throughout my life, weekly injections, gotten epidurals, and Dr. Patrice had my pain drastically reduced after just the first few visits, and now, just still in the beginning of my treatment, the difference is mind-blowing. 
The treatment includes education on why aligning the spine is vital for a healthy long life. Chiropractic care is not just for pain. It helps for whole-body healing. It benefits every organ including the brain and will help heal illness too. 
I will receive chiropractic care for the rest of my life now, whether I'm in pain or not. I am truly a believer in this mode of therapy and I've only just begun."

Blake Havens
Scottsdale, Arizona

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