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Chiropractor in Scottdale, Arizona

Dr. Patrice Lavoie

Dr. Patrice Lavoie grew up in Canada in the province of Quebec. After being helped tremendously by chiropractic care following a football injury, he enrolled in the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto.

Initially, he started practicing in Northern Ontario and for 6 years, his office was focused essentially on helping people relieve their pain.

And then, after moving back to Quebec, he discovered a new world of possibilities with an approach to help people with their overall health, longevity and well-being; in other words, to help people live the life of their dreams.

And so, what is very unique about his practice is that he helps people empower simultaneously all aspects of their lives, particularly when it comes to health and healing so that they can live an amazing life, 70-80-90 years of rich quality health without drugs or surgeries.

It is such an inspiration for him to educate people and families on how to transform their lives by expressing more fully the potential that they have within themselves to live well, fulfilled and inspired, when the spine and nervous system are functioning at their optimal, for the power to heal lies within.

He moved to Scottsdale in 1996 after falling in love with Arizona, the desert and the heat and he is now a citizen of the United States. He is an avid reader of philosophy, healing and maximization of human potential and he loves to share his message of life and healing in the community. He has been with his beautiful wife France for the past 37 years and they have a beautiful daughter Marie.

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